{Closed} Hiring UI Designer/Scripter for upcoming game

About Us

Hi there! I’m sepro1144, the founder and owner of UNexus Studios. I am looking for someone to help script assets for an upcoming game when needed and do UIs

The Team
@sepro1144 - Project owner, builder, GFX artist
@couldbeyou! - Scripter, UI

About The Job

I am looking for someone who can script very well and create professional-looking cartoony UIs. You will be working with me only, until we look for investors. We will communicate via discord

Example of our game's build style (nono of these are in the game)

Screenshot (88)

I’m expecting each item needing scripture will take between 10 minutes - hours upon hours


Builder/GFX (me) - 55%
Scripting/UI (you) - 45%

Contact Us

Discord - sepro1144#6964
Twitter - @sepro1144
Devforum - my profile

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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both. You will script what needs scripting, and make UIs when they need making. Then, you’ll script the UIs as they are made. That was confusing…

Revised verrsion - you will script EVERYTHING, as well as the UIs. You will make the UIs as needed, and script them upon completion

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You might get more people interested if you explained the game.


What a selling pitch.
30chars 30chars

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