[Closed] Hiring

No longer looking for a scripter.


This looks interesting, what would working hours look like? I am a 3D modeler. My Discord is BufferyNDuffery#2219

Working hours can totally vary because of everyone’s personal lives, but I’d say as long as you have enough progress weekly that would be better than a set amount of hours to work.

I would be glad to be in the dev team as a scripter. Here is my discord: Vini Dalvino#8342

Sent a friend request on Discord, megukoo#0013

I’m intrested for 3D modeler but i’d want a combination fo upfront per asster and percentage (or just upfront per asset) kind of like the scripters.

Here’s my work : https://devforum.roblox.com/t/feedback-my-low-poly-models/566037

Hello! Im an advanced scripter with 4+ years of experience! Here’s my portfolio. My discord username is Undefined Noob#0001. I’m always online there, you can always contact me! I hope to become your scripter! Cheers!

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