[CLOSED] HockeyForLife3232 - Builder / 3D Modeler / Low poly / Realistic / UI design / Map build

About Me

Hello, I am HockeyForLife3232, I am 17 years old and have a passion for development. I have about 4 years of experience with building and modeling and 2 years with blender and photoshop. I am self taught and I am available every day. I accept offers only from already established developer teams with some progress, I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.


Examples of my work:

^^^^^^^^^ Blender (Low poly 13th century bascinet)
^^^^ also made with blender


under 140$ - trough steam
over 140$ (40k R$) - trough group funds, t-shirt(with the tax paid) or paypal


You can contact me here on the dev forum or on discord: MarcusSaltus#8595


Your work looks incredible! Good luck with your commissions!

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PM’ed u on Discord
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