[CLOSED] honeylip's Portfolio | Digital Art, GFX, 3D Model Props

  • Hello! My name is @honeyIip (the L is an i). I’m a graphics artist and have been doing digital art for about 4 years
  • I can create 2D Digital illustrations, Graphic designs, GFX and currently learning to 3D model
  • I feel that I am now experienced enough to actually contribute art related things to games on ROBLOX
  • Programs I use: Clip Studio Paint, Blender, Photoshop
  • Please do be patient with me! I get things done as fast as I can

Digital Art

3D Model Turntables



  1. I have every right to decline an order if I want to
  2. Please send screenshots or references, clearly specify so I can get it spot on!
  3. Do not be afraid to tell me if I got something wrong, I will do my best to change that so it will be to your liking
  4. You cannot cancel an order anymore once I send you a lineart / done model (textureless)
  5. I can get orders done in 3 days up to 2 weeks! but I will finish it as fast I can
  • OCs
  • Avatars
  • Flat/Gradient backgrounds
  • Mecha
  • Real people
  • Furry
  • NSFW
  • Detailed Backgrounds
  • Anything that I don’t feel comfortable with

I can work around 6 - 8 hours but I am available everyday! I may not be able to do work on school days which start around 7AM - 4PM (GMT+8) but I can find a way to sneak it in in the schedule

Digital Art

Full Body:

  • Painted - 2000-2500 R$
  • Flat - 1000-1500 R$


  • Painted - 750-850 R$
  • Flat - 650-700 R$


  • Painted - 450-500 R$
  • Flat - 300-370 R$
3D Model (Props Only)

The price depends!
Textured estimate price: 500-1000 R$

Textureless estimate price: 300-800 R$


Estimate price: 300 - 600 R$

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via:

Discord - lippie#2980
Roblox Profile - honeyiip

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my portfolio! :smile:


This is amazing! I tried to send you a friend request on Discord, but it wouldn’t work. If you could send me a message via Discord that’d be great!


I am highly interested in your work, and I’d like to order some of your artwork.


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