[CLOSED] Huniidew | UI Designer | Logo designer [OLD UI]

:heartpulse:About Me :heartpulse:

Hiya! My name is Huniidew, and I am a UI designer! I can design UI’s from shops to staff panels! I’ll try my best to satisfy every customer and complete their order with 100%!

:heartpulse:You can view my Ui’s here :heartpulse:

"Here are past ui’s ( Not a lot since I just started )

:heartpulse:You can view my logos here!:heartpulse:


I am available from 4-6 hours on the weekends and 2-3 hours on the weekdays ( due to school ) Full UI sets may take from 3 days to a whole were so please be patient.


Prices are negotiable. I only take pay through robux and they amount of pay depends on the amount of UI’s and complexity. Prices can range from 1,000-2000 robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord.
Discord tag: Tooti 1612

:heartpulse:Thanks for reading! :heartpulse:

Robux earned: 2k
Vouches: 1


I’ve created a new UI! It only took a few hours and I’ve had a lot of fun! Also, new style! Woohoo! This UI set was made for the group, Oceanica!

I’m on the grind working on these UI’s haha.

She did a really good art piece for my group and has some amazing talent, I recommend her highly :slight_smile:

Nice but make sure not to sell any free vectors as it can result in a copyright

I made everything shown by hand on my own. :slight_smile:

Good job! :smile: In that case, very nice.

It says you are not accepting friend requests, but my tag is vayerts#1000 :grin:

I am making one company!
And I want to ask if you want to get in the companny!