[CLOSED!] I am looking for a Scripter for Shop

I am looking for a scripter who can make me saber simulator style tool shop but with costumes shop has to equip the costume and also needs to have multipliers like x2 coins and x2 speed.

Deadline: 1 week from the moment you are hired!

Only me!

4,000 R$

Contact me!
CroatianPlays#3941 on Discord or https://twitter.com/CroatianPlays 5 on Twitter


Sent you a friend request on discord.

Shops aren’t that hard to code, they can be made really fast. I wouldn’t hire someone for 4k robux to make one for me

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well I don’t know how to make one so this is my only option

Hey, @CroatianPIays why did you block me on discord after asking me to make the shop?

I am interested,
My portfolio.
Discord : ItsChoco#0902

If it’s your only option then don’t pay 4k robux. That’s way too much for a simple shop

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