CLOSED I need someone to fetch me all 22 Roblox materials: 15k Reward

I need someone to fetch me all 22 Roblox materials. I need the normal map and color map for each material. You will be paid 15k.

Contact me @honeydewloon#2471


sir can we talk on discord about that???

Can you explain in more detail what you mean?

I need the normal information as well.

They are availble inside your Roblox files under the
/PlatformContent/pc/textures directory

However, I dont think Roblox will let you use their DDS files without their permission if it’s outside the Roblox platform


I should have clarified that I need the standard normal map format, not the orange one that ROBLOX uses. I am paying for someone to find me the standard purple version, or to do the conversion. I also need them in a PNG format.

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