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About Me

Hey there! I am offering my services as a scripter/programmer. I specialize in programming and I can also make some simple GUI’s. I have been building for almost 2 years on Roblox and over 5 years outside Roblox. I have previously worked on my own game Stickman that got over 3K views. I have also made several smaller games which you can find on my Roblox Profile.

I have worked/working with @Bloxxary @L_umin and some others.

Note: I am currently only offering my services for small scripts not for big games as I am currently doing a project

What I Can Do

You can view my game Stickman with the link which uses a round system and also leader stats.

My game Performance Tester also uses some simple GUI’s and a short script to create parts at a repetitive rate.

Here is a list of the type of things I am capable of doing
  • Running/walking scripts
  • Day/night cycle
  • Character effects
  • Traps and pickups
  • Camera manipulation(first person, top down, etc.)
  • Loading screens
  • GUI scripts
  • User input
  • Teleportation
  • Shop and currency system
  • Game passes and developer products
  • Datastores
  • Game system(including timers, rounds, map choosing)
Here are some examples of projects
Web Development

Check out my website icrann.com I made this website for myself as a test.

Please remember this is not what I am limited to make and if what your looking for is not on the list feel free to contact me.


I usually available for 3 hours of work on the during on weekdays and 5 hours on the weekend, But feel free to contact me any time. Also note I am on GMT time just incase your wondering why the times might be a bit odd.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per script. My preferred payment method is euro or alternatively dollars/pounds. However if you wish I am willing to accept Robux.
To stop scamming I require 50% of the payment before I start the project.

I am currently pretty cheap as I am trying to build up my portfolio.
I can do things like run scripts, day/night cycles and traps for free. Things a bit harder I prefer to charge at €1 or 100 Robux per hour but remember I am open to negotiation or other payment methods.


You can contact me any time by:

Replying to this post
Messaging me on Roblox here: Roblox
Email me here: crann@icrann.com
Discord: icrann#5756

Thanks for reading I hope to be dealing with some of you soon! :grin:


Are you able to script whole projects like a simulator


It depends what is going into it. Give a few more details

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IN Desperate Need Of A Scripter For Data Stores and animations for an Upcoming Game. I have contacted you via Roblox at @FimlinzGMT


I sent you a message in Roblox

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i didnt get it if you have discord you can contact me from there @ Fimlinz#4004


I sent the friend request on discord

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L_umin#0001, looking forwards to working with you!


Just to let people know I am currently available. Mostly focusing on smaller projects.


can you program cars and npc as well as robberys and weapons with the aim feature?

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Hi I need a a basic trap script.
Contact me on discord for more info.
My discord: DareDaniel0#7616
I assume this will be free and if it is not than please tell me.
If the script is good I will recommend you.


Great I contacted you, It should be free unless you require more complicated scripts.

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Thanks!!! 30 chaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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I highly recommend icrann. He made and gave me a script in less than 30 minutes and the script worked!!!


Alright, here is the ultimate question…

Are you capable of writing print(“Hello World!”)?


Well… Just about but nothing more complicated than that :rofl:

Bye the way this is a joke and It’s not serious if anyone didn’t know.