[CLOSED] If you rebuild a game, is that "plagarism"?

If I see a cool map in a game, lets say ROBLOX High School.
Let’s say I decide to rebuild the highschool, picture-perfect.
Can I get in trouble for stealing a game?


I would credit the original mapmaker, because without it, it’s plagiarism.


Yeah, I would definitely say “inspired by (name)” or something, but I just don’t want to get in trouble.
There are a few very old games that I used to enjoy, but are in desperate need of an update/ fixing. One of these is a tycoon that would (probably) be easily replicatable.

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You could also message the original mapmaker to see if you could do it.

Thanks for the question, @Void_Frost.
I’m unsure if you’d actual get in trouble per say, but there can often be backlash for re-constructing popular games on Roblox, as many believe the original creators worked extremely hard. If you do however proceed to recreate maps, it’s important that you credit the original developers - and to be on the safeside, perhaps get some permission. This avoids any sort of drama.

Happy building!

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I can’t imagine there would be backlash for the game I have in mind, it was never gigantic, and it hasn’t been updated in many, many years (it’s not RHS, that was an example)

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Regardless if it’s been updated recently or not, it’s morally inconvenient to re-create someone else’s project without their permission. I’d do it just to be on the safeside - get permission and credit. :innocent:


I’d ask permission from the developer first, if they say no - take it as an answer. If they do say yes, make sure to credit them when the final pieces are done.

What im wondering is do I need permission? I don’t know if this developer is even active anymore, and I’m wondering if I can get in trouble if I don’t ask for permission. I’m not using any of their assets, so I wouldn’t think so.

Try contacting them on any thing that they seem active on. If you can’t reach them, credit them in-game or on the description of the said game.

I’m fairly certain you’ve reached your answer, there’s really no use in continuing to ask until you get a “you’re allowed”’ because that negates the purpose of asking in the first place.

It was answered well above: do your due diligence to get permission (many older users are still online or can be reached on twitter or the dev forums, like me and I’m from 2008).

If you haven’t heard back, I’d still make a large effort to change a lot of what made that old game while you’re making a newer “version,” so much so as to make your own unique game with that as inspiration. In short: iterate, don’t replicate.


If you’re rebuilding the exact same build then yes, you could get in trouble since its straight up copying lmao.

I guess that rebuilding games works the same as rebuilding models, as I have recreated Bloxburg models, but I haven;t shown them to anyone.

It’s not copying, though. You’re not copying their work, you’re making a game similar to theirs. Technically it wouldn’t be 1:1 because scaling will always be off.

Yeah, but you said in your post “lets say i decide to build the high school, PICTURE-PERFECT.”

If you were to make it picture perfect it would be copying. If you were to change it a bit then it wouldn’t be copying .

You can’t get in trouble, that’s like saying modeling a exact replica of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones is copyright when they don’t own the build, just the concept. “Copying” and getting in trouble is more along the lines of outright stealing another’s build, but if you make the concept public for all to see then people have all means to try and replicate it. If you’re really worried about it, you could potentially record you making the game yourself as “evidence” that it’s not a stolen build.

Depends. If you tweak or change anything and give credits to that game, No. However, if you just rebuilt that game with no credits, Then yes.