[CLOSED] Impulse is hiring Animator, Modeler, Builder

About Me

Hello. My name is HDWC(or Dev_HDWC) and I’ve been scripting for 7+ years. I mostly specialize in weapon systems. I’ve decided to make this FPS because I’ve always loved them.

The Game

The game is a FPS with a couple twists. There will be cars to drive around the map’s and use.


–more clips soon–

The Job


The job will consist of modeling weapons and or cars. I assume we will have detailed guns, but more low poly’ ish cars. I expect 3+ guns a week. And 1 car every 2nd week


You will be in charge of creating 4 animations per gun. I expect them to be top quality considering the low workload for the high %. The 4 animations will be idle and reload in the viewmodel(what you see), and the idle and reload on the actual character(what everyone else sees). And same as the modeler I expect 3+ guns animated a week.


The Builder will be tasked with building 1 250x250 map a week. They are expected to be detailed. Interiors of buildings don’t need to be filled.

The Team

Scripter - @Dev_HDWC
Modeler - @username
Builder - @username
Animator - @username


Payment will go as follows.
Scripter - 40%
Modeler - 25%
Builder - 25%
Animator - 10%


10% for TOP quality gun animations? 4 of them for every gun? I’m sorry but this is big underpayment for the animator doing this. I really suggest putting the percentage up because you won’t be able to get a decent animator to do you “TOP” quality gun animations.

10% For a top quality animator is actually quite alot. Ive seen games with astonishing animations only giving there animator 5%.

That’s because their game has either a stable playerbase or can get popular. This however i don’t think you’ll get far due to the lack of information in the post. Good luck

Well, ive gotten a game to 5000 visits in 2 or 3 days averaging 25 players(no ads) so I’d assume that im experienced enough to assume that I can get this game to a decent playerbase.

Hello, I am interested. I sent a friend request. q_arn#4563.

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