[CLOSED] Industrial/Corporate Builders [40K-100K]

:moneybag: [HIRING] Industrial/Corporate Builders [40K-100K] :moneybag:

About The Job

We’re currently planning a brand new, entirely different v2 for our group
:link: Federal Bureau of Investigatiоn - Roblox

We’re currently banding together a Development Team, but we already have the plans and most of the Developers, just trying to finalise the builder and vector artist as of the time this post was posted.

You’ll be paid for every task and will be given a map, there may be some imagination used on your side or more tasks assigned to you, if there are more tasks assigned then we will agree on the payment for those before you start them.

The game will be mid-poly and a medium-large map. The game style is industrial/corporate.

You will be provided with a map and more details, but as it’s still to be finalised it will contain a town area and a military base with borders. We’ll also check in with you daily and support you to ensure progress is made everyday healthily and to a good standard.


  • You will be expected to keep monetizing, combat, glitches and roleplay aspects in mind with your build.
  • You must be 15 years or older to apply (for maturity reasons).
  • You will have around 1 to 2 months to fully finish the buildings from when we ask you to start.
  • You can not leak or reuse anything produced in this project from any Developers.
  • You need to show us examples of your work when you contact us.
  • You need to be professional, mature and not toxic so everyone can happily work with each other in a healthy environment.
  • You can’t change your agreed on price or drop out of the project, as that’ll ruin the map design.


You will agree on a fair payment before starting, either per task if we can figure out every task or at the end of the project. We estimate the entire building will be anywhere from R$40,000-R$100,000 or possibly by USD to your liking. All payments will be done via group funds in the group linked above.

If you’re remotely worried about scamming or financial issues at all, do not be as the group Owner is an official Roblox Accelerator.

:link: Ezok - Roblox
:link: Roblox Interns - Roblox

You will also get an optional ‘Senior Architect’ rank in the group once the project is nearly finished along with developmental credits ingame.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Discord Moderator#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
We can’t wait to work with you! :heart:


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