[CLOSED] Infinite_Visions | Advanced Music Composer | SFX Designer


Hey there! I’m Infinite_Visions , owner of small development studio, Visions Games . I’m a skilled composer, having 8+ years of experience on the Piano, saxophone, and other instruments, with abundant experience in doing commissions. I am fully confident when it comes to composing - I can make anything from simple gui effects to entire 7 minute features.

I’ll supply you with samples, videos, and other proof of work, to ensure the end result is exactly how you need it.


Background Track Loops


Funky Melody

Ocean Grooves

Peppy Melody

The Coast YT Track

The Coast Background Track 1

The Coast Background Track 2

Ambience Effects

Tornado Siren

Broken Radio

Ocean Waves

Thunder Storm


Rain Storm

Miscellaneous Effects

YT Intro Sound

YT Intro 2

Shark Attack

You can also find examples of my work on You Tube .

What I ask of you

  • Clear communicating. I would like to know exactly what you need, and have a professional environment around it. If you are not satisfied, I need to know that, so I can change and improve.
  • The knowledge that I hate backing out of projects . However, I have the right to. If I lose contact for long periods of time, you are overly rude or disrespectful to me ( or any other people ), or I simply do not have enough details to work off of, I may back out.
  • The knowledge that everything is done online, so miscommunication may occur . If some sort of mix-up does occur, please talk it out rationally, and with a clear head. Mistakes can happen.


I am available almost any time of week. Some days may be busy, or unavailable due to life. I do not work Sundays .

For small tasks and systems, I can almost guarantee it being done within the same day. I’m most open during Fridays and Saturdays.


  • Prices are negotiable and depend on the job/length of the track. I am paid per sound/track, and only once we are both confident in the job.
  • I accept payment through group funds / gamepasses OR through Roblox Gift Cards , if group funds are not available. With gamepasses, there will be an added fee, to compensate for tax. I may request for hourly pay as well, depending on the systems.

Ask for a quote. Usually ranging from :robux_light:1,000 - 10,000 .

General Pricing Chart

Simple Effects (2-10 seconds) - 100-500 robux.
1 Minute Track - 1,000 robux
2 Minute Track - 2,500 robux
7 Minute Track - 10,000 robux


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or through my Discord: Infinite_Visions#3159

The easiest in form of communications is through messaging on the Developer Forum, as it allows me to easily share sounds/videos in a safe environment. If you do send a friend request via Discord, please reply on this post so I know who you are.

Excited to work with you! :slight_smile:


I’ve updated my portfolio with a new Track called “Suspense”.

Enjoy :wink:

I’ve updated my portfolio with a new Track called “Funky Melody”, a new Tornado Siren sound effect, and an ocean waves sound effect. Enjoy :slight_smile:
Funky Groove

Tornado Siren

Ocean Waves

Mind me asking what are you using to compose? You are using saxophone and these cool instruments, your music is great! But are you using a program to compose, edit your music too?

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This is some good music, I will save this if I need any tracks for my story game!

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I use a couple different softwares when developing my music, the main one being Sountrap :slight_smile: I combine things I play in real-life (ex piano and saxophone), with instruments through the program, then use a few minor sound editing apps to get the desired sounds.

Added u on discord :)) sc00v#8829

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Hey, do you by any chance make car sounds?

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I can make car sounds, but am not the most adept in that field (I prefer making soundtracks, but can definitely do sound effects). Really depends on what you need.

@sc00vs, sounds good👍

Added you on discord. I’m Rummy#1776

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