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About Me

Hello! My name is Iris. I’m a female developer specialized in building, GFX, and 3D modeling, I originally joined this game in 2013. I am a experienced developer with skills in a wide range of areas, I started my career with building, then I got involved into GFX, and 3D modeling.


Below, you can see my current works that I’ve been working on and my past ones.

Here are some screenshots of my work

3D Modeling & Texturing



My availability varies on the day because of online schooling, my time zone is GMT+8, which is in Asia. You can contact me within 6am - 10pm in my time zone.


My work is paid most of the time, free depending on what it is, though I can only do limited progress as I have online school sometimes not. I only accept PayPal as a payment method, as well as Robux depending if I need it.


Over these years, I have worked for a wide variety of groups, having acquired experience and expertise in many different themes and styles! Below is a list of my previous/current position as a Developer.

• NipponKoku’s [JP] Japan - 2.3k+ members
• Malacanang’s [PHL] The Republic of the Philippines - 5.3k+ members


You can contact me on Discord

• Discord - iris#1634

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Information: My account “Tsukasayumi” has been disabled and I am unable to reactivate it; my new account will be “irischall” from now on.