[Closed] ItsNxthaniel | Mid-Level Programmer

About Me

Hi. I’m a fairly new LUA Programmer, but I have a expanded knowledge of how to do a lot in Roblox. I am looking for some work. I only have a little bit of a showcase, but as I make more, I’ll update this post. I’m looking for work to expand my knowledge even more. So I most likely won’t say no.


Here are some pictures/videos of my work, NOT LIMITED TO

Some weird “ordis” thing I made.

Fully working Stamina with Bar, Speed Gain, and Decrease, (Was fairly large so I had to upload to Discord, browser kept timing out.)

Client Notifications

Server Notifications

Whole Game Notifications (Cross-Server Messaging)

Rarity Probability System, done with free model parts (SCRIPTS ARE BY ME)… Originally for someone who wanted it done, but then told me last minute, “Nevermind, I want to buy a hat with my robux”

UI TweenService:

I’ve also worked with Cross-Place teleporting. Don’t have any videos of this.


I am no longer proceeding in the Game Development world, but may still take a few requests here and there.


I’ll probably do it for free, I’m a nice guy.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Guilded.

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