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Hello! My name is Ivan, and I am a 13-year-old graphics designer. (And builder, but I don’t do commissions on that specifically.) I have done graphics designing for about 1 year now, slowly progressing and improving my skills as time goes on. I have worked with many groups on short term and long term projects as a graphics designer, with notable groups such as @zqlectric’s Canopy Hotels. I use blender and photoshop for my gfx for people that are interested.

Examples of GFX


I am available for around one to six hours on the weekends. On the weekdays, I have about half an hour to 2 hours. I am in the CST time zone. (One Hour Behind EST)

I have set prices to make all gfx affordable, equal, and fair for all users that purchase my GFX. My only payment methods are group funds or t-shirt. If you pay by t-shirt, you must cover the tax. You also may pay after I finish, so I can do revisions. If you would like to cancel, please notify me beforehand.
Icon | 150 Robux (215 if t-shirt)
Thumbnail | 250 Robux (358 if t-shirt)
Ad (Skyscraper or Banner) | 250 Robux (358 if t-shirt)
Render | 70 Robux (100 if t-shirt)
Tips are appreciated!

You can contact me on discord, the fastest and easiest way for me to respond. You can add me here: ivna#0001

Thanks for reading my graphics design portfolio!

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I have to say, I don’t think I’ve had a better experience hiring a developer as I’ve had with @HidenHiroo. @HidenHiroo responded quickly, and got the work done very fast and beautifully. Often, I find that developers sometimes get over their heads when they can do great work, however this is not the case with @HidenHiroo. I highly recommend hiring them if you need GFX.

My Order

I’ll be back for more! :wink:

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