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Super Duper Studios is a itty bitty studio created by myself and SuperDuperLukar. We are planning to make a variety of different games, both small and large. We currently have a couple of projects in the works, but nothing under our name yet. The 3 positions below are what we are currently searching for. If any of them interest you, please consider contacting us using on of the sources in the contact section.

Builder [FOUND]

We need an open map that is in a minimalistic style. The map must be pleasing to the eye but nothing overdone. There will be different sections to the map as the player progresses through the game, so this requires the builder to be able to make different styled areas.

Modeler [FOUND]
The game will feature Mesh tools, as well as some part accessories. Your job will be to make tool meshes (shovels, pickaxes, etc.) in blender and export them to Studio for us to use. We may need some other smaller meshes for props as well, but unsure at the moment.

Finally, we are needing a GFX Artist. The artist must be able to render scenes in Blender, C4D, or PS in a smooth and eye candy style. We are not in a huge rush for this position, as the game isn’t done yet. If you’re interested to be hired at a later date please contact us!

You have to work efficiently.
You have to respond to messages asap.
You have to share your progress with us regularly.
You must have prior work to show us before being considered.

You will be paid Robux upfront or you will be get a permanent % cut from the game profits. Can be further discussed if considered.

If you are interested or if you have any further questions, please contact me at one of the places below:
Twitter: @SuperDuperLogar
Discord: Logar#7700


Are there any positions available for a sound engineer?


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