[CLOSED] Koala Cafe is seeking an experienced Scripter

about us left
Our game Koala Cafe is a unique role-play experience which has amassed 12.5 million visits and 370,000 group members . Our fast growing educational community is self organized, and teaches our target audience of ages (7-12) social skills in a simulated work environment with easy to follow steps to progress through the roles of the company hierarchy.

about the team
Our team consists of active and highly motivated devs who want to take our game to unforeseen levels.

@LoganWallace25 - Founder / Creative Director / Builder
@ZackLaFlame - Co-Director / 3D Modeler / UI Designer
@Klinecars - GFX Artist / Marketing / QA
@v_aggelein - Extremely Well Rounded Lead Developer

about the job
Koala Cafe is seeking an experienced scripter to fix existing bugs, polish the game, and take on relatively smaller tasks that will ensure further growth of the game. This will help aid our lead developer as he tackles larger and time consuming content. You will need to work with our pre-existing scripts and UI.

you will

  • Fix pre-existing bugs (caused by previous scripters) and make minor adjustments
  • Produce new content such as buying XP, starter pack, and scripts that need Discord integration
  • Collaborate with the team on ideas and work closely with the lead scripter
  • Track your assigned tasks and progress on HacknPlan

you are

  • Passionate about developing genuine content that our community will enjoy
  • Motivated to produce quality work on your own accord
  • Dependable by working at a healthy pace to meet deadlines
  • Great Communicator fluent in English and able to work effectively alongside a team
  • Experienced with proficiency in Lua and developing with performance/UX in mind

Payment will be a percentage on our group payroll. It will range anywhere from 10-20% based on your skill and how much work you plan to take on.

We are also open to doing payment per job for bigger tasks if they arise.

dev benefits
There’s a ton to love about working for Koala Cafe including…

  • Our gamepasses granted to you in the live game
  • Free developer products in product games
  • Custom Discord color in our server with 9K members
  • Developer only in-game billboard GUI name tag
  • Custom in-game chat color

how to apply

The position has been filled. We took everyone’s applications into careful consideration and there were some very talented applicants. Thank you to all of those who applied!


How much on average do you make per month?

20% seems okay-ish for what you need, but it’s still important to know how much that would be if we worked the previous month.

We would prefer not to state numbers publicly, but during peak months in the past (and last month which was close to previous peaks), 20% payout could be comparable to a part time job. We are always working harder to make everyone’s percentage more valuable.

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This don’t seem that bad. I’m going to apply.

Can you pay in usd? Through PayPal?

We will only be mainly doing group payroll for this position and group payout if a task is big enough.

Dam. I think most scripters would prefer usd.

I applied today. And developers usually take percent or USD so it won’t matter.

I have applied. Hope to hear from you soon.

I think this is a great opportunity!
I wish luck to all the other applicants.

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