[CLOSED] Kyoto : Looking for a Homestore Builder

Hi there!

Kyoto is an upcoming clothing group that is looking for someone to build our homestore. This user must be able to create asian-styled builds with realistic texture if necessary.

We are looking for someone who has an amazing work ethic and can get started right away when commissioned.

Examples of styles I'm looking for in the homestore

👘Tokyo Clothing HomeStore Mall/Outfit [CATALOG] - Roblox

Senturion [Showcase] - Roblox


Percentage, robuxs, and USD are all available options.

  • Percentages can be discussed on Discord.
  • Robuxs payment is around 20-30k+ depending on the quality.
  • USD payment is around $100-150+ depending on the quality.


If you’re interested, contact me @ chen#0072 on Discord with examples.


interested, but i am only available in contact with devforum:

i haven’t done builds like this but i guarantee i am capable

Sent. Looking forward to start this project asap.

I recommend @coneylove133 he is excellent at building!

I sent a friend requst. T7VXQ#0253

Hi there Im interested. Dm on on discord: sureloxx#7985

Here is my portfolio. [Open] Builder/Scripter

I’m very interested Youngdumbandbroke55#8658

DM me on discord I’m available almost anytime

Hey there, I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord, assuming that this position is still available.
Username is Aqua
Looking forward to working with you, thanks!

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