[ CLOSED ]Laxonas Portfollio

Hi there! I am Laxona. I’ve been building for about 6 months if you deduct the time I completely quit building. I started in late 2017, and quit 2 months after I started. But, fortunately, I came back in early 2019! I love any kind of constructive criticism that can be directed at my buildings, so I can purely improve my style, and gain more experience! I have also never built for any large groups, or any large games, besides commision for people as well as help out.

Oh yeah, so I’m really keen to learn about scripting and learning about Lua. Dm me on my discord if you have any links and suggestions I can follow to better my understanding of Lua please! :blush:


ROBLOX LINK: https://www.roblox.com/games/3501715436/Lanas-Portfollio

Here are also some Screenshots of my work!
(small City Backdrop for someone) https://gyazo.com/b60c0a1d7b423dcc79c071d38d5edb77
(A map made with a plug-in for someone) https://gyazo.com/498cb5ae2a8af9bf857247092f165713
(Nature reserve, something I made for personal practice. Alot of copy and paste sadly.) https://gyazo.com/ab912d2882be20733473039a39e1257b


I’m usually available for 2-3 hours on Week-days and all day on Weekends. I come home really late at night on week-days, but those 2-3 hours should be productive (Depends if I need to babysit.).

My Timezone is also in Australia, so my times when contacting may not be the best, but I will try my hardest. :slight_smile:

Prices are negotiable, always, but I prefer to be paid per asset I make. One whole payment when a construction is done, but it may vary depending on what happens. (In Robux, or percentage, depending on Project.)

Discord: Lana#1299
You can comment down on the Developer forums, where I am most certainly happy and keen to reply to, or add my discord for any information or tips, or feedback/work offers you have for me! :blush:
Also, tell me your discord down here just so it’s more organized. :smile:

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it alot!


Good work :hammer_and_wrench:
You might want to add in screenshots tho :slight_smile:

Yes! I’ve added them. They’re in the pictures from gyazo. Thank you by the way, :]

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I meant pictures that doesn’t require any links. They are good to have since someone might be too lazy to open links.

Yeah, I’m new still. I may need assistance with that if you don’t mind sharing ! (:slight_smile:

To upload a picture, just take a picture of one of your builds, then edit the portfolio, then there should be an upload icon where you have all your text settings. Click that, then choose a file, then click upload.

Also, it’d be nice if you could add a possible price range, as I might need to hire you for a future project. :slight_smile:


gecko 救世主#8072

I added you. I would love to collaborate.