[CLOSED] Lead Programmer Position & More

As homo sapiens and/or humanoids ourselves, we deeply respect and value an open mind. Keeping an open mind gives us the ability to bounce ideas off of each other, care for each other, and most of all have a stable working environment for everyone on the team. Sharing what goes on in that brilliant brain of yours allows us to achieve greater solutions to the problems we periodically get hit in the face with.

We believe that with an effective personal growth comes a finer result, greater decisions, and a stable working environment. We infrequently approach you in a formal manner, as doing so makes your personal development, at times, shudder and crawl into a stiff and ineffective phase. Talking to each other on an ongoing basis and getting to know everyone on the team is, indeed, therapeutic to the mind.

We realize startups, like ours, can be difficult to one. Therefore we want you to be honest with yourself and realize when you are facing challenges on your own. Asking for help lets you invest into your own growth, development, and productivity with the team.

We value diversity. We don’t care who you are, what you are, or what you did at the county fair when you were a toddler! Well, we do care who you are, just make sure you’re not an android. We don’t want your androids Cyberlife!


To a handle a noxious community, requires a team with excellent background knowledge of moderating, but with us, we crave an active and honest community. If we achieve this greater goal, being apart of our administration program will not only be easy, but it will make the users and the moderators happy.

On top of this, we value the community, as it is the flex tape that holds us together. Everyone on our team is committed to making the community valuable, and worthwhile. Ultimately our mission is to follow our passion and bring people together around ROBLOX games, specifically the games we produce.


Let’s cut to the hecuba, we are low on budget, but that is perfectly fine as we have contacts that are free to back us at any time. We are offering a base 60,000+ ROBUX and a heavy percentage to get started with us. This payment only applies to the programmer role. Please keep in mind that the base ROBUX can be negotiated to a higher amount.


If you take this position, take it to heart, as you will be the lead programmer for Wicked Minds. All details about our upcoming Battle Royale game will be revealed, and you will not be allowed to share any further given information to any soul on this planet. We have the basics for our upcoming game set out, but we also want your input. As you will be apart of our team, you will be required to help us plan out the rest of the game. Essentially what you will be doing, is creating a Battle Royale game. Think of the mechanics of any Battle Royale game ever, that is what you will be doing. Plus some top secret features.

If you would like to be apart of our administration program, we are opening applications in the coming week(s). If you are curious, feel free to contact me on Discord. If you are selected as an interest applicant, you will be expected to partake in an interview.

If you believe you would be valuable to our team, even if you slightly feel like you are worth it, feel free to contact me on Discord.


  • Be at least 13 years of age.
  • Have Discord, Twitter, and Trello accounts.
  • Be rambunctious, and you get a FREE cookie.
  • Have the ability to be mature when needed.
  • Nice and tidy with your programming.


  • Be at least 13 years of age.
  • Have Discord.
  • Be the beautiful being you are.
  • Past moderation experience(s).
  • Have the ability to be mature when needed.


Have you been persuaded yet? If not, here is my final offer. A free invite to dinner with my sister, she’s beautiful, smart, and is enrolled into nursing school. In reality, if you are interested in one of our positions, join my newly created personal Discord. We’ll be so stoked to show you our vision.


  • Boom#1530
  • Personal Discord, Discord

If you know someone who would even be slightly interested, inform them on this post. It’s worth it!

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Battle royales may get popular, but right now it looks like island royale is going to defeat any battle royale game, so unless you have millions of robux to spend on advertising this will probs get maybe 20 players. Plus I don’t think 60k is enough, you have not clearly explained exactly what we need to do as a scripter… Do we need to make a inventory system? A shop system? If you want it done right your going to have to pay a lot more then 60k.

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I think he’s looking for someone to script the entire game, which will mean shops, loading menu, inventory menu, etc. And there is a huge competition for battle royale games.

He should consider paying in USD rather than robux, and if he chooses robux, it should be over 100k.

I should mention the price is negotiable, I sort of hinted that when I said it was a base amount, and the fact that there is a “+” at the end of the amount shows the amount can increase. I appreciate the concern although.

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Should maybe put that at the end of the post that the pay can be changed.

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