[CLOSED] Legacy Games Development Is Hiring Developers!

About Us

Hey! We are Legacy Games Development, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for developers who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game!

The Game Idea!
We are making a story game with 15 to 20 mins of gameplay. It will be focused at a gocery store It will be a low poly game mixed with terrain with bright colours and low poly assets. Its a story game. The Uis will be colourful and stand out to the eye and the scripters will need to the uis and npcs. We will tell more about the game once you are hired.

The Team
@Philip_MVP - Head Developer
@Faded_Aurora - Builder
@themcclellandcrew101 - Music Compser
@se_TQ - UI
@photonavius - Scripters
@ScytheSlayin - Animator
@MrDerpSavage - GFX Artist
@Lil_SharkyBoy - Modeler

Also In Need Of Testers That Will Accept In Game Perks As Payment!

About The Jobs

UI Designer
We are looking for a professional UI Designer to join our team. We expect high quality GUI that flow well with our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check in with the team and their progress frequently.

We also are looking for an amazing Scripter to join our Dev Team. We expect high quality scripts that work and make the game run great. Good communication skills are needed; and we will keep in touch frequently.

We are also in need of an animator for the team. We expect very good animations that bring out the life and story of our games. Experience is needed along with skill; and we will keep in touch a lot to make sure we are on the right page.

GFX Artist
We need a GFX Artist for the development team. We expect very high quality logos. Good GFX skills are needed; and we will keep in touch frequently.


We will be paying commissions for your work on the games. Our payment method is commissions through group funds.

Builders- 15%
Modeler- 10%
Composer- 10%
Animator- 10%
Ui- 10%
GFX/Logos- 5%

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at 40nt#6340 or crew#6742 or even AuroraStudio#9148.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Hope to talk to you soon! :slight_smile:


Can you please tell us what the game is about?

Could you tell us what the game is about, this recruitment does lack of intelligence for it does not state what the game is about, and the jobs that the UI Designer, Scripters, Animators, and GFX artist may need to do.

We are making a Dev Team to make multiple games. We have to assemble the development team first.

Well, if you are going to make multiple games with developers what is the first game? Without that information we may not want to work with the genre.

I m willing to apply as gfx artist .
Discord : Ay-Men xD#7919
Sent u request.

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I added some info on the first game.

I’ll help test the games, as I am good at finding errors in gameplay, bugs, and other stuff like that. I have good scripting knowledge so I’d be able to accurately describe the issues to the devs. I won’t personally join as a scripter, because I already have stuff at the moment. If interested, reply to me and I will dm you.

Alright, I will DM you. We can discuss further information and how the payment will be handled.

Hello, I was wondering if you need a 3d modeler?

I think you should explain the payment more. it’s not that much information.

We will be paying from the profits of the game.

You need to explain more than that, like percentages or what if the game does not becomes a success, or a back-up plan.

We don’t currently have a back up plan. However I have robux and would be able to pay for some. As for percentages those should have been clarified and I am sorry they were not.

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DM on discord to join our server.

Hello Everyone, We are still looking for a scripters!! We are paying up front for them so Come add one of us the other are two are sleeping so add me for the next 5 hours thanks! My disc is AuroraStudio#9148, Contact me and Ill talk to the others tom! Thank you guys

You still in need of UI? I sent you a friend request. :slight_smile:

Still needing a scripter and an animator!!

We found the team! :slight_smile:
Thank You to all those who applied.

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