[CLOSED] Limitless Studio is hiring MODERATORS [1B+ game visits]

About us

Hey there! :wave: My name is Wiktor, and I’m a Community Manager here at Limitless Studios. Limitless Studios/Tower Of Mistery has been an open project since July 2020, and has been growing very well since this year. Myself and Mater (Moderation Department Lead) have decided to open moderation applications this is why we are here searching for not only professional moderators, but dedicated staff. Side note: We are a fast growing Studio with over 1B+ visits.

Social Links

Roblox Group: Limitless Studio - Roblox
Discord: https://discord.gg/hyRwQJfRQk
Game Link: Tower of Misery - Roblox
(Level 3 boosts) - discord.gg/towerofmisery

About the job

The Moderation Department is the most important department in our Studio, this is so we can ensure everyone can stay safe :slightly_smiling_face: You will be asked some personal, and some open-questions, you will also be assessed by the grammar used in the application. Requirements that you must require to pass this application:

  • Must have a sustainable amount of grammar (Only when moderating in-game and in the discord)
  • Activity quota must be met. (In-game and discord moderating counts)
  • Must have a microphone (More communication, more teamwork)
  • Must be over 13+
  • Must stay professional and be dedicated
  • Must have discord and roblox
  • Must know the basics of creating discord servers
  • Must have a discord account older than 5 months


https://forms.gle/Zmw3qexcX8RMzDpK8 - Apply here

Contact us

Mater. #2665

Both contactable on discord, if there’s any questions regarding the application please contact Mater. (I have a slow message response)

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