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Hey Everyone! My name is Joe, I’m an advanced lua programmer; I’ve been scripting for 3+ years. I joined I joined in 2013 on another account - ItsJoe. In late 2016, I got into developing and made a new account. I made a few new until I settled on one. I’m experienced in back and front end programming. I can use OOP if necessary, however I prefer to stick to other methods. I will always make my code readable and in a clean format. I will make my code very easy to customize, and my code is guaranteed forever, meaning that if part of my code gets deprecated or removed, I will re-write it to fix it. I use Jayy_N for developing now.

The most recent game I worked on was DOGE, where I programmed ALL of the game myself. It has an average of 10 - 30 concurrent players (sometimes more on weekends) and over 160,000 visits. You may find the game here.

Check the credits for proof that I made it!


I’ve worked on several games before, in the following fields:

Horror Games,
Piggy Games,
Role Play Games,
Story Games,



Simulator system and sell:

Simulator Capacity Upgrade System:

Functional Story game bus / teleport system:

Transition Screen and camera Cutscenes:

Function Dialog GUI:

Tweening Shop GUI:

Code Samples

Upgrade System


My timezone is CEST (UTC + 2) I’m available to work every day, Monday - Friday 2 - 4 hours, Saturday - Sunday 5 - 8 hours.

My Commissions are currently OPEN :green_circle:


My pricing varies. However, I will only accept 5K+ robux or $20 :money_with_wings:.
Please be aware that I do not accept percentage for obvious reasons.


DevForum: @Little_Joes
Discord: Jayy_N#0001

If you have a question, please message me on the Developer Forum or reply to this topic.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Updated with some more work showcase!

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Re-Opened commissions! Please message me with the details, if I do not reply, I am probably not interested or away from my computer.

I’m accepting long-term projects now. However, please be advised that if you cancel the game, you must pay me for what I’ve done, and if you are doing %, please make sure that your game has a good idea, and you can afford at least 25,000 in sponsors no more than 4 people. You must have a decent backup payment incase the game fails too.

Left me in the middle of a project without any background, simply left the group and unfriended me. :thinking:

Could you explain a bit more? That’s actually breaking the devforum rules and could get him banned.

What’s breaking the DevForum Rules? I contacted him back telling him that my pc couldn’t handle the terrain and typing was slow for me. Then he just blocked me. He didn’t pay me or anything, nor did I do anything yet.

What I meant by breaking is, leaving the paid customer without any clue in the middle of the project. Hope that’s not true about what you did.

No, he didn’t pay me.

Well, I tried reaching out a few times to him on discord and he ignored me twice, a day after that he left the development group chat and blocked me. He didn’t reply back to me until I posted on this portfolio, and he made up some basic excuse about it.