[CLOSED] - Lobby and Map Builders!

Hey there! I am excited to begin working on a new project in the coming weeks, I’m looking for some outside help in making sure the building in my game is up to soon-to-be 2020 standards.

Job Info
What I’m looking for is a quality builder with a solid portfolio to give new life to an old, outdated lobby I made half a decade ago. I am leaning more towards a low-poly design for this map. I have a pretty solid idea, and mapped out design for the lobby. Although, I believe most people do better with creative freedom.

I am looking for help now to get a head start before I can go all in on this project myself around December 14th, so around then is when I would hope it to be finished.

Here is a few pictures of the lobby:

Maps are what go inside the arena. I have so many random maps from a farm to the moon landing, if you want a smaller job. You can come up with your own concept, or help me recreate an old map from 2011. They are not overly detailed, I can provide examples.

Lobby ~ 60k robux
Maps ~ Negotiable based on size and detail
I prefer to use group payout as the method of payment. You will also be given credit within the game for your contribution.

Contact Me
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or on Discord at Bobbysayhi#9778. I prefer Discord and use it daily. Feel free to send me your portfolio!

Thank you!


Hey, I’m interested in the job. Discord: Relivus #5032

[OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder I’m very interested in this! My discord is Sinox#0001

My portfolio is here. Profession Mesh Creator, Low-Poly and Realistic Developer for Hire. Lots of Experience

Thank you to everyone that reached out, everyone was really talented but I found my guy!

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