Profession Mesh Creator, Low-Poly and Realistic Developer for Hire. Lots of Experience

About Me

Greeting, I’m Relivus, a Strucid Pickaxe developer, and realistic graphics designer. I have 4 years of blender work, and 3 years of building work. I can build low-poly to realistic. I like to get things done as soon as possible with still high amounts of effort and quality. Below are images of my work.


I’m available every day unless I tell you in advance. When given a due date, I finish by that time given. I do not procrastinate.


I only accept payments of Group Funds. Pricing is based upon the size, detail, and graphics.


You can contact me through the Developer Forums, My Roblox account: Relivus, and my discord: Relivus #5032.

I appreciate your taking the time to read through, cheers.