[CLOSED] Logo designer for SCPF group

Salutations. I own an SCP Foundation which is currently in need of new logos. I require 11 logos, only 1 being original. The other 10 logos are department logos, which only require pasting a department icon onto the original logo.

Here is an example of the theme I am looking for.

Example of Main Logo


Example of Department Logo


I am looking for artists who are 13 + and work for reasonable prices.

You can contact me on Discord at Leighton#3591

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Hello yes I am an expert when it comes to logo design im very interested in the job i have worked with many people in the past i would be honored to work with you! for more info please contact this email address: memecreatoryeet@gmail.com

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I can make it for you! Contact me on Discord: SeamusFiuu#6005.

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