[CLOSED] Logo Designer/SmallTV

Hi there! I am a logo designer looking for some commissions! I will make you a simple (but catchy) logo!
Watermark may be removed if the commissioner wants that.


There are more! Any commissions will be added here, unless asked not to.
I usually don’t use backgrounds, as it is a logo.


I am available for around 9AM-2PM, EST timezone. Because of that, I will most likely not respond/DM you back.


Prices are low! (Hence the title).
50R$ is my usual price.
I either accept group funds or from a gamepass, tax needs to be covered (I do not have premium at this moment)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord:SantaCopter#3943

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey, Can You Do me something like your 2cnd GFX for my restaurant?

my discord is GreatlyGeneric#4580

we can talk more on discord.

–X B)

Sorry? I have mentioned I do not do GFX?

GFX stands for Grafic Effects or graphic design. What you are showing here is, indeed, GFX. 3D renders are usually confused with the whole term of GFX

Hm, I will not argue with you there.

I’m not arguing at all. Before you create a portfolio you should know the meaning of all the terms you use. Your communication skills are as important as the product you are selling. I recommend you to investigate some definitions:

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Thanks for the feedback! I will thrive to improve.

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When I am finished with my game I will most definitely look into you!! :smile: :+1:

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Update: More examples shown. :grinning:

UPDATED PORTFOLIO! Now a logo designer, not Icon!