[Closed] Looked for animator

Dear, i have a concept in mind.

I’m looking for someone who could create me a R6 animation, of a humanoid slipping over a banana peel, and falling on the ground, and then getting up again.
The ‘Falling’ part has to be smoothly. The standing up just short cut thingly.

I was thinking of a animation of max 3 seconds.
0 - 2 seconds, slipping to the ground. 1 second to standup.

**Please, show me your portfolio, estimated price for this job. **
Contact me through a message on the DevForum, or as i prefer. Discord: TangoOliverMike#9343

If i like you, (your work, work style, etc). I’d might like to give you more jobs. Making the same animation on R15, but also make things like falling over a stone.


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