[Closed] Lookin' for builders!

This recruitment post is now expired, please wait for another time of we recruiting developers.

About Us

Greetings, We are Total Entertainment, A new game development group, we are currently looking for other Roblox developers, due to me the owner doesn’t have that much skill.

We are making a new FPS game, You might be interested in.

About The Job

You must meet the following requirements: [On all jobs]

  • You must be aged 13 or older
  • Your account ages must be 1 year or older
  • You must have a great passion in the community
  • You must own a Discord account
  • You must have a great Problem Solving skill
  • You cannot leak anything except I agreed
  • You are not included in any sort of controversial topics
  • You have not published any kind of politic sensitive posts/reply on Twitter, Discord or Any social Media Platform
  • More requirements will be asked during the interview


  • We are currently not looking for more scripters, Thanks!


  • You have played Escape from tarkov [Not required]
  • You know how to make modern/classic themed buildings like houses etc.

Whoever meets the following requirements will be preferred [On all jobs]

  • Accepts percentage payments*
  • Worked on/Made a good game
  • Have past working experience
  • Can be active in work time (Monday -> Friday)


We are paying 500~1.5k Robux per asset. Our preferred payment method is Group Funds, Shirts and game passes and Percentages The prices are absolutely negotiable

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/PotatoegyYT or on Discord @Potatoegy#7339, Discord is preferred. Please leave a reply whenever you are going to apply for the job. When contacting me, Please bring your past works and your price expectations, We will reply to your application a couple of days later when we are interested in you. Thanks!

Thanks for reading! We are looking forward to a bright future :wink:

  • Percentages payments have down payments which means if the game doesn’t earn any money, you still get paid for at least 2.5x of contributed assets (2.5×500×Contributed assets number). Percentages payments are paid monthly 25% of the earnings of the game.

I’ve sent a request on Discord to apply. Here’s my portfolio.

You’re looking to make a game set in Eastern Europe or a similar location, no? Well look no further, for I’m a Romanian citizen!

Hey! Finally, I have pretty good with houses, skyscrapers, dm me on discord for my work!

Sent a friend request my names Nimble#2987

I would love this opportunity! Sent friend request on discord, Cow#6532 - here is my portfolio.

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