[Closed] Looking for a 3D Aircraft Modeler

About Us
Beta Focus is a development group that is currently working on a flight simulator called AeroX. We are looking for an additional aircraft modeler to increase aircraft production and help with the project.

The Team
@SFranxisco - Scripter
Ji_rachi - Scenery and Airport Developer
@xSpeedbird - Aircraft Modeler

About the Job
As an aircraft modeler, you will be asked to build a large variety of aircraft, from small propeller aircraft to large 4-engine jets. The aircraft will be animated, so each of the moving parts on the aircraft will need to be separated from the main parts of the model. We expect an average of 2 aircraft per month, depending on the size of each aircraft.

Pictures of the game


We are offering up to 25% of the game’s revenue for this position.

Contact Us
You can contact us on Discord (SFranxisco#0737), or right here on the DevForums!
You must be 13 years or older to apply for this.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a backup if the game fails?

Arent you guys able to pay in USD per aircraft? i might be interested in this if that is the case here is my portfolio:

We are considering R$ (per plane) and other methods as well. Will update post if we decide to include any.

Unfortunately we are looking to avoid USD if possible, due to college, but it is still not completely ruled out yet. We will update the post with additional payment methods if we decide to add any.

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