[CLOSED] Looking for a builder [R$ 35,000]

Immortal Studios is currently looking for a builder to build various dungeons for our newest work-in-process game, Catacombs. Dungeons are generated randomly, so only pre-built sections are needed. We will need three dungeons.

Each dungeon must include the following:

  1. A start room (which is were the players will spawn)
  2. A room that has a large door (for a boss).
  3. A small arena-style room for the dungeon’s boss.
  4. A few sections that include a crossing, corners, corridor, etc.

The general theme of the game is more of a dark, Gothic theme. The general size of the dungeon is up to you, but players and enemies will need to move through each section freely.

If you have any questions, my Discord is ImmortalSlayer#3689.

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@Spathi This is right up your alley my dude.

I do love Victorian styles builds and such, but he’s gonna have to elaborate more. I require reference pics, a specific layout, etc. I need detailed descriptions for what they want. Another important thing is the sizes and scales. I’m a builder but my brain is usually down the drain when it comes to creativity.

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Also I’m wondering if you’re thinking about something like the chalice dungeons from BloodBorne?

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