[CLOSED] Looking for a builder to build an interview center


Hi! My name is Bri and I am the owner of Firefly Dance Academy! I’m looking for someone to build a basic interview center!
Should Include:

  • Receptionist Desk/Check in desk.
  • Waiting Room.
  • Decorated Offices for interviews.

** (I want it sort of a retro vibe) **


Either reply below with examples and prices.
Or contact me on Discord with examples and prices! Brifever#6340

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I’m interested.
Would I need to also script things?
Contact me via discord @ Bac_Stab#1334
@brifever_backup I ADDED YOU

Well not really… I just want it so ranks appear over-head. I don’t really know much about scripting but I think it’s scripting…

Hey there! i’m a builder i can build somethings do you
also do we get payed?

I’d do the building but I can’t script that…
I’d look up a tutorial for the scripting part if I were you
@brifever_backup My price would be very low as most people don’t want to hire “new” quote, unquote, builders.

Oh that’s why I was hiring someone, I’m a strictly mobile player lol!

I can be a scripter, how much are you willing to pay?

Sorry but the role of scripter has been taken! Only looking for a builder now! :smiley:

I’ll be able to build if you’re still hiring a builder

What type of ranks? Group ranks? Or your own custom one

Examples and prices? I want it relatively small to medium so keep that in mind.

1k-7k is what I’ll charge. If you need to discuss further, we can

DM me on discord and I’ll show you some examples.

Hey! Consider following the template for recruiting, there is not a lot of information to this post. Thanks.

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