[CLOSED] Looking for a builder

About Me
Hi, I’m currently developing a medieval open world RPG. It’s similar to games like Blox Piece, Dark Souls, and Warframe. You can play it here:https://www.roblox.com/games/6684788060/Robloxian-Quest?refPageId=f58dd274-e979-44c9-8d9e-42070643ac38

About The Job
I’m looking for a builder who can do these things in a low-poly(low detail) style:

  • Make buildings like houses and castles
  • Populate the environment with trees
  • Make a border to the map like a mountain
  • Make sword models(don’t worry about welding)

I don’t expect do be working on this for longer than three weeks from now.

To better understand the building style, I would like something similar to what I already have, but you can go more detailed if you want.

You should know the bare minimum for modeling in Roblox studio which includes things like: grouping objects, naming objects, changing object orientation.

You should be 13 or older.

Don’t expect to put in that much time because I make content very slowly. I would treat this like a side project.

I’m looking to pay 35% although if I feel like you’re amazing and put in a lot of effort, I’ll pay up to 50%. I’ll make the group when I hire you.

discord: obamasmama#7011 on Roblox discord; make sure to @ me (preferred contact)
twitter: @Obamasmama69420

When you contact me, make sure to paste your portfolio if you have one or an image/link to something you’ve done.

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