[CLOSED] Looking for a data saving shop and inventory with loot crate script and features listed below, will pay 150 -200 USD via paypal

I just had a person called “Muhahaha100” wasted 2 weeks of my time, saying he would finish the project, said he will be done by Friday but then banned me on discord and everything else…

Hi, I am looking for a scripter to script me a data saving shop with inventory and a loot crate system implemented with it, I will pay 150 - 200 USD for this since I am not able to create this by myself.

The project includes

  • loot boxes.
  • Buy player skins changing to other models such as a clown
  • Buy power ups
  • Buy emotes (if able to)
  • shows the equipped item on the player like mm2 during lobby.

The system should be like murder mystery 2, flee the facility or zombie attack.

I will pay via PAYPAL ONLY.

Message me on devforum or discord at IONLYMCREE#6710


Why do we need to know this? It has nothing to do with hiring a scripter…


Warning about this guy. My friend had taken the position and after 24 hours he was expecting it to be done when a due date was set and agreed on for 6 days after the job was taken. He was extremely hard to work with and constantly questioned the scripters ability after the job was accepted.

Seems a bit hard to work for so just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking about taking the job!

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Ok my bad, but i asked to get it done on wednesday??? am so confused i never said once to get it done 24 hours.

I am talking about the guy you just hired a day ago. RBI_Koolio.

Ok my bad, but I asked to get it done on Wednesday??? am so confused I never said once to get it done 24 hours. Don’t lie, please

I am not lying, what I am saying is you were constantly asking questions about the job and if her was capable of doing it and got angry after he didn’t respond to your incoming messages for a few hours in the night while he was sleeping. I am simply giving a warning to those that read this post is all.

Yea it’s cool to lie to make me look bad and i guess RBI_Koolio does not want to write it down himself for whatever reason so he gets his friends to help him. Well, it was my fault for messaging him since I guess we are in different time zone, I was not asking questions I was asking for features being added those are two different things.

Wait aren’t you that guy with bad reputation?

um i dont understand what bad reputation , me???,ive never done anything bad, not that i heard of yet?

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