[CLOSED] Looking for a Dev Team

About Us

Hi there! I own a group, called Cobra Studios. For a month or two, I have been building a map for a game idea that I had, Contagious Faces! We are also working on another game that I made, called Mystical Sticks!

The Team

@Tymxnt - Lead Developer & Game Designer
@SparkDevv - Primary Scripter
@ModAttano - Secondary Scripter
@maxwellscribblebook - UI
@bjjepic - 2D/3D Artist

About The Job

Cobra Studios is looking for a few positions, listed above. Here is the info for each position:


Primary Scripter

As the primary scripter, you will be given the bigger jobs on the team. The secondary scripter may also help if he/she/they can/is told to. Some examples of your jobs:

  • Scripting a UI inventory.
  • Creating the paint/bullets for a paintball gun. (This includes motion and damage.)
  • Having jails spawn.
  • Time in jails
  • Twitter codes

Secondary Scripter

As the secondary scripter, you will be given smaller jobs for our games. When you are able to, you can assist the primary scripter with their jobs, with permission. Here are some examples of your jobs:

  • Times for rounds
  • Times in jail
  • A script for when someone is infected
  • Whenever you can help out the primary scripter, with permission from a Lead Developer!
UI Designer

UI Designer

As the UI designer, you will be tasked with making a UI inventory, and other things like Twitter codes or a shop. You can assist the scripters with anything that is UI related.

2D/3D Artist

2D/3D Artist

As an artist in our group, you will be making thumbnails and icons for our group. This includes the game thumbnail, the game icon, gamepass icons, and the dev product icons. You will be expected to use any paint software or 3D modeling software for this job. For example, something like paint . net or Blender.


Currently, we have about 6K :robux: for payment, which is for ads, and I am planning to get more soon. However, I am looking for people who care more about the project, experience, and making friends, rather than the money. If we earn money off of the game, developers will get paid for it, or if I get more robux, we will. Once we earn revenue or get funds, we can discuss percentages based on how hard the team worked.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum @Tymxnt or via Discord @tyler!#1547.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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