[CLOSED] Looking for a full-time Scripter

About Us

Hey, interested in being a full time developer for a successful group? Well, Little Dreameis Daycare is hiring scripters! Please read the rest of this forum before contacting us.

Little Dreamies Daycare Development Team
@Orangedude4221 - Programmer
@Nadylin - Builder

As you can see, we need more developers. We would love to have knowledgeable scripters to join our team. See our main game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/1046870993/DAYCARE-Little-Dreamies-Daycare

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter to join our team as full-time head developer. Individual must be aware of our demographics, as most of our fan-base consists of young people, mainly female. We are a welcoming community, and as long as you have a basic grasp of scripting, then you are more than likely fit the job!

Examples of What You Need To Do
  • Fix broken scripts.
  • Make a group bot that can automatically rank people.
  • Create ideas and implement them into the game.
    (these are examples of what you will need to do as soon as you are hired)

This is a full-time job, therefore, you will be expected to be online every day on discord and make updates weekly. If you lack free-time, this is not a position for you.


We pay in group funds or percentages. We do NOT pay in USD or other currencies. The amount pay is based on how much work you do per week. However, do not expect being paid more than 1k robux per week unless it is negotiated.

Contact Us

You may contact Nadylin or Colloxylin through discord, Nad#3108 or Brandon

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I’ve just added you both on Discord!

1k Robux per week seems a bit low for full time, that’s $3.50 a week when DevExed.


That is ridiculously low especially as the game has made well over 1 million Robux from game-passes alone. If you’re looking for a skilled full-time Scripter you’ll need to pay a lot more than R$1,000 a week, you should offer a percentage not a set payment at the end of each week.


1k Robux? That… Is way to low. I suggest raising the payment because scripters for full time will not accept that.


As I do understand some of you may think the price is low, but we are not looking for top-notch best scripter on this platform. The jobs that the scripter will need to do is quite basic. So why would we charge thousands on top of thousands of robux for basic scipting?

Sorry but who told you how much funds and robux we make again? Oh right, nobody did, you are just assuming. Also, I am looking for a basic scripter. Perhaps one that wants to jump-start his career? Also, prices can be negotiated based on what you do. If it advanced or time-consuming, of course I would pay way MORE THAN 1k. However, the weekly jobs the scripter needs to do will be basic. Percentages are negotiated in private.

You can see how much the game has made in gamepass revenue with a chrome extension.


That price is insanely low. I pay my programmers a MINIMUM of 100k a week for their service. Absolutely absurd that youd offer 1k for a full time position.

If you’re looking for someone part time or someone to do small tasks, dont have a misleading header or information. 1k is enough for maybe a small simple script or bugfix here and there. Head developers usually have a much higher bracket income.

Finally, head scripters, or full time scripters always deserve 40% if not more of a game.

Just my personal experience and opinion! Though if you are looking for beginners, it would be a decent starting place.

Because your game has a WAY larger fanbase than mine. My game gets an average of 50 people everyday. It is a RP game. So of course, you pay your developers a heck of a lot more than I do mine. My price is my price. After all, it is my group and everyone has the freedom to dev here or not. So I don’t really understand all the complaining. Also, I have found a dev that agrees with the prices and is eager to start working. So, please no more bickering on this topic.

1k Robux a week is a small amount to pay a full-time developer. Like @EpicCheatCodes said, thats only 3.50 a week.

Minimum wage in canada is currently $11.06/hr, working 40 hours a week(average amount of hours for full time), that would be $442.40, or 127543 robux per week.
In the USA it’s $290 per week.

So… yeah. Yes I know this is closed and all, but I am just saying.