[CLOSED] Looking For a Full-time Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a qualified scriptor, experience is key. We want someone who knows their way around the Roblox gaming industry, as we not just need you to script but help the team think strategically so that we can make a playable game. What will make you qualified? As stated before, experience, your previous works will be examined. As we’re offering a handsome amount of R$, we will be cherry picking developers based on their skills and how impressive their previous projects were. This is a team collaboration project thus we expect honesty, responsibility, good communication and acceptable behavior among developers.

What you’ll be creating is an entire simulator game, the simulator’s main scope is a player vs player interaction through punching each other combined with a destructible environment. A trello is made with all of the main tasks assigned.


250,000 R$ is being offered, which is equivalent to 875USD. The payment will be split up every weekend, thus you are ensured you’ll be receiving a consistent amount of robux. The payment segment will be based on 8 weeks, thus a payment of 31,250 R will be paid out to the developer every weekend for 8 weeks. If you finish the project in less than 8 weeks, the remaining balance will be paid out. Once you finish your work, if we like the final result, we will offer you equity to further stay on the production of the team. This is a discussion that will happen in the future.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Contact Us

Interested? Contact us!
-> Devforum, you can send a message.
-> Discord: barbz#1608, or contact via discord.


oh nvm I just realized it was closed ;-;

Wow! 250,000 robux, congratulations to whoever got the job!
@BarbieBankz you’re amazing, hope your new game does well.

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