[CLOSED] Looking for a GFX Artist

About Me

Hello! My name is Emilia. I am currently looking for a GFX artist.

You’re probably wondering: Aren’t you a GFX artist yourself? Yes, I am but my laptop is now broken and I am currently using an old one that is unable to install Blender.

About The Job

I need a GFX artist who can make me a YouTube Banner and a logo, using my current avatar.

Banner: For the banner I would like me having my hand on my chin and my other hand on my hip. I would like a black, sun ray background. I would also like it to say: Emiliqax, in white.

Logo: For the logo I would like me to be doing a pose like the cartoony animation. I do not want to text on it, just me doing that pose and a black sun ray background.

Here’s my current avatar:

I need my avatar to be 3.0, not 1.0.


  • You must have a portfolio
  • You must have Blender
  • You must use a HDRI (Sky box for even light)
  • A rig that takes 3.0 characters
  • A good editing software.


Of course, you’ll be paid 100+ robux. It depends on your prices.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by this? 30 renders?

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Oops, my bad. That was part of the template, I forgot to delete that. Let me do it now. :slight_smile:

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I would probably offer a bit more payment, as your requirement are very specific and the rig isn’t the easiest to use, IMO.

Good luck finding your chosen artist. :pray:

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I agree with @SHOOKVNES , I could have requested to make you the gfx with higher payment then 100 , probably you could even end up with a gfx artist lower than your level, well yeah feel free to check my portfolio : ArdominB | GFX Artist For Hire! (Closed)

@ArdominB, @SHOOKVNES It says 100+ not 100. :slight_smile:

well i mean in general ( 100+ is like 100 and above for example 150-200 ) .
If the payment increases to 1k+ it would be great .

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You could just commission her, tbh. :neutral_face:

Hey, I am interested in working with you! Add my Disc: grace@1993.

I can do it, add me on discord, feereza#3496.

Hi there! If you haven’t found anybody yet, I am interested.

:white_check_mark: My portfolio: SamWillGoHam's GFX Portfolio
:white_check_mark: I use Blender.
:white_check_mark: I am experienced with HDRI’s.
:x: I do not use a rig for packages other than 1.0. When working with the Woman package, I bend limbs using the wireframe method (and I am quite good at it, I have many examples of GFX where I have done this smoothly.) I apologize if this is a deal breaker for you.
:white_check_mark: I use PDN, a high-quality image software, for editting.

If you wish to hire me, contact me via Discord: SamWillGoHam#2005
I ONLY conduct business on Discord. That being said, I likely won’t be checking up on this message. However, I hope you get in touch with me!

@SamWillGoHam, @gr6cey, @TakingLegs- Hello, I am very happy you’re interested in applying. I have figured that I will only need a render, I could do the background and all myself.

Are any of you able to make a 1.0 render, like the one I described down below? If so, comment down below with a yes or no answer and I’ll message whoever can do it if the position hasn’t already been taken. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can do that. Just message me. :smiley:

I’ll let gr6cey take it, for a limited, HAHA, jk.

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I am really sorry to those of you applied, but I managed to find someone via their portfolio. I really feel bad so I am going to note down your names and whenever I see someone who needs a GFX artist, I will recommend you. :slight_smile:

Take care! x

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