[CLOSED] Looking for a GFX/Logo Maker

[OPEN] Looking for a GFX/Logo Maker

I’ve been doing youtube for 2 years now, but my most successful channel “Xontez” is what got me 400+ subs! I have always dreamed of becoming a great youtuber but for that to happen, I need to show my channel unique amongst others. If you check my youtube channel, I have a GFX logo and I’ve had it for almost 3-4 months now. Therefore, am looking for a person that can make a GFX Logo for my yt channel.


I can pay robux, or you can ask for a shoutout. (paypal soon)

I don’t want the logo to be too fancy, nor too bad.
We can discuss prices when asked. I don’t know yet.

You can DM me on discord : Xontez#2340 and the DevForums.


Sure thing! I can help out! Social#8980

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I’m interested in making a logo! - Ears#4858

Hello, I can make you a logo for you, I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord I am iiRosie1#0127.

Hope to hearing back from you,


I’ve sent a request :slightly_smiling_face:

I have sent a request! Smelly is my name.

I highly recommend @SocialDesign!

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Is PayPal available yet?
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Not yet. I lost my papal account pass and am too lazy to get it back so I will probably make a new paypal and the option will be available again.

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Alright, I’m interested in the position, though. I’ll add you. I’m fin;#4521

Alright I am intereted I will give you my discord name:EpicHelmy#0001

And my portfolio

Is this still open?
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Thank you dude! :smiley: That means alot !

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