[CLOSED] Looking for a long-term builder

Hey everyone,

I am abalonemascarponi and been playing Roblox on and off for close to a decade now. Eventhough I was always interested in making my own game, I just never really knew how to do it right and as I tried to do everything by myself I usually ended up with games I was not satisfied with.

During a discussion with a friend of mine recently, we have come up with an idea for a cool game that we could create here on Roblox. We are both scripters (albeit with a background in other programming languages than LUA) and are looking for a builder. We have tried building the maps ourselves but eventhough we might be able to do it ourselves we would prefer someone else to do it and take the lead there.

We organize the development of our game professional from the start.

About The Job

What your tasks will be:

For our current project the building effort is quite manageable so we think that for now you would be our only builder. As we will finish this project quite soon though, we may need more builders in the future. You are responsible for the quality of our maps. You attend our weekly teammeetings where we discuss our tasks that we will finish until the next meeting. In these meetings everyone can say how much time one will have to work on the game for the week and this will of course be taken into cosideration. If our team of builders will get larger in the future, you will be responsible to recruit new builders and you will hand out tasks and keep track of their quality.

At the moment we need a mid-scale, largely destructable map with a relatively low part-count.

What we expect:

Since my Friend and I are also new to LUA we do not expect applicants with excessive building experience. It is necessary though that you have a basic understanding on how building in Roblox works. Motivation is very important for us and we expect you to reliably finish your tasks on time and with a high standard of quality in mind. You must be able to work indipendently and you can research information on the internet if you don’t know how to do something. You must be at least 18 years old and have the possibility to communicate with us via Discord. You must be fluent in either English, German or Swiss-German.


This will be discussed once we have choosen you as our new builder. You will be able to have a say in it but we feel like this needs to be discussed in private and according to your demands.


Send me a motivational letter via the Roblox messaging system.

The motivational letter must be at least 500 words long and contain the following information:

  • Why are you the right person?
  • What experience do you bring?
  • How did you get into building?
  • Send us a link to a place/model that you have fully built yourself
  • How old are you?
  • At what times of the day (+ timezone) are you planning to develop

Applications that do not follow the format we ask for will not be taken into consideration.

Post your Discord ID here.

We are looking forward to reading your application. We might take a couple of days to decide whois the right person but you will hear from us if you were accepted/declined.



I am a 3 year roblox veteran and I would like to help your game as a UI maker, Builder.
I have 2 year experienced building, scripting and etc. skills
Well I need map for my game and I had no robux then I start to make my own map
https://www.roblox.com/library/4996831012/Model (My new one)
Well it is 16:04 for me… Dont send me the task at the night time.

Discord: ProGamerResul5566#9513

Hello there, I saw this post and felt obligated to send a message in hopes I would be considered for the job. If you don’t mind, I posted my application here for ease of formatting as well as lack of filtering.

I have been building on the platform for several years and have experience in/are able to:

  • Semi-competent use of blender
    (Able to create low med poly/quality models/meshes as well as a novice understanding of normals and texture painting)
  • Experienced with digital art
    (Supplements my building giving the ability to effectively visualise spaces and designs before I build them)
  • Can utilize folders to adequately organise the workspace
    (Effectively able to organise models and parts in studio using folders allowing for easy navigation with other people working on the project)

Here is a link to a small showcase named ‘Thing’ which I believe to effectively convey my ability to utilize beams in conjunction with particles and lighting properties to bring an expressive mood and interesting lighting. It also expresses my ability to create low-poly meshes to emphasise areas of focus. through minor detail.

Despite this, some major issues I can identify is that I am only 15 years old and are still developing my skills, which conflicts with the minimum age requirement. I also reside in the AEST (Australian Eastern Timezone) which may be a major factor in deciding whether I am accepted; considering that one of the requirements to be fluency in German suggesting an European timezone which essentially cripples my ability to attend team meetings.
Although I am able to work quickly and effectively in most cases especially presently, I have in the past suffered from a lack of motivation and conflict with my academics which I thought to be important to note.

If all else fails and I am not considered, I would also be willing to aid you with minor aspects of the project for solely experience and no payment.

Contact Information:
Discord: JoshMuchBlau#1010

Other links:
My shoddily made portfolio: FosterDragons -- Amateur builder/modeler

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Thanks for your application! Give us a couple of days and we will inform you of our decision.

Is there another position available?

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Sadly not at the moment. I will make sure to post in this forum again once there will be. Could you tell me what you would be interested in doing? Maybe a link to a portfolio? Then I can write down your username for when we could need your help.

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i’m interested in graphic designign

In a few minutes I will send you the request in the forum

hey whats up look at your messages i sent my protfolio there

Hello, I am a builder and translator, I want to offer my job as a translator,

I have two more images but it is in private, because it is a secret. I want to work with you because I need more experience, more information in my discord

I sent in an application. My Discord is bigpoppa#7546.

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