[CLOSED] Looking for a Low Poly Builder / UI Designer

Hello there, the name is MisterHumbled! I’m currently looking for a low poly builder to work alongside me to create various types of games. If you are a low poly builder and looking for a scripter partner to work alongside with make sure to contact me in the methods mentioned below.

If you can make user interface designs as well as GFX then that is very much encouraged, looking primarily for the builder but the more skills the better!

This will be a partnership so I’m hoping to pay in percentage, for now, I am setting down the base percentage at 25 - 35% but I am willing to negotiate on this if it does not work.

If any of the information above interests you then make sure to contact me in one of the following ways:
Discord: MisterHumbled#0578
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MisterHumbled

Thank You for reading my post, look forward to talking with you :smile:.

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just my builds aren’t good.

Hi, I’m actually looking for a scripter. Here is my portfolio


Hello, I am a UI artist. You can check my portfolio out on my page. I would be very interested in helping out with anything! Portfolio: (OPEN) Jacobthedragon4ever Portfolio | UI designer

I’ve added you, i’m quite interested, i happen to be experienced with low poly building and UI. I’m jakeee#6454

Alright I’ve sent a friend request. Talk more on it through discord.

I’m interested. I’m fairly experienced in low poly building only.
My discord is: Aethereas#2555

I have added you >;X#0096 <- my user

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