[CLOSED] Looking for a partnership with a builder

Hello, I’m Rezault, a programmer on ROBLOX. I’m 13 years old and have been programming for around 4 years now.

The Team
@Rezault - Scripter
@Inspirre - Builder

About The Job

I am looking to partner up with a builder to create a simulator or a basic game. You must have experience in building. I currently do not have an idea for a game but we can try to come up with one.


All I’m offering is a percentage. We split all profits 50/50 (I have around 40k robux for ads and sponsoring).

Contact me

You can contact me through the PMs on the Developer Forum or on Discord at Rezault#5867.

You must be 13 or older to apply.

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:


Added you on Discord. My username: @Black and White#1599

Who will take care of UIs? You will?

Sent you a friend request on discord for another inquiry.

THIS IS NOW CLOSED. I have found a builder, thanks to all who applied!

40k in ads, won’t get a player base. At least a couple days after ads won’t get you where you want. I’m telling you from experience and as a friend, a fellow developer on the platform. I do suggest bumping the money willing to be put into ads. At least and I’m being honest with you 100k+ maybe 80 or 90k but yeah.

This is all in honesty man.

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People with a less of a reputation, and have never made front-page games, or very successful ones, are giving it their all to begin their journey in the development field of a game hoping to be played by many, and PROBABLY don’t have that kind of money to be spending on advertisement.

UNLESS, Like myself, have gotten revenue from commissions, and developing for others, etc. etc.

I have ~40k robux RIGHT NOW. My other team and I are soon releasing another game which I hope will get me that kind of money to advertise.


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