[CLOSED] Looking for a professional R15 Animator

We are looking to recruit an R15 Animator!

About Us

Hi there! We are The Galactic Imperium, a small upcoming military group. We’re looking for an individual who is determined and is experienced in animating. Currently, we are expecting to launch / release the group quite soon, with our main project being to release the group’s main game, Corellia.

The Team
@Espelk - Lead developer
@HYX6 - Builder
@TheZ3P - Scripter
@You - Animator

We also have a GFX artist.

Here is the link to our group: The Galactic Imperium [TGI] - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for an individual that is willing to help the group out by producing high quality animations for us. Currently, we are in need of saber weapon animations, which include an idle, attack(s) and a block animation. We also need a force meditate, kneel as well as a blaster crouch and order arms animation.

References to all these will be given to you upon the role, if you are picked for the position.

We are hoping to launch the group in the next few weeks, so ideally it would be great if everything can be completed within or under 2-3 weeks.

We have a discord server where me and other members on the dev team communicate on a daily basis to show each others work. Building and scripting is pretty much done, images will be shown to you of all the progress that we have made so far for the group, we are just in dire need of an animator that can produce good weapon, specifically saber animations before launch. Good communication and daily updates of any progress made is ideal.


The individual will be paid 40% of all group revenue. This can be negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the devforums and/or on discord: Espelk#7058

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m interested, but mind telling me what the game is about?

Hey, I just sent you a friend request!

It is a SW based RP game, we have pretty much finished everything and are basically set to launch. We just need an animator who can create us a bunch of animations for different weapons, specifically sabers for the game.

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Also to point out that if you would like to join the group for a long term contract and stay as a part of the main dev team, you are more than welcome to and will be given exclusive perks in-game upon launch.

Wow, thanks! [30 characters]----

The position is still open, you are both still welcome to join, it would be ideal if you are able to contact me on Discord and show me some previous work you have made.

I am the RetroGalacticGamer guy on discord ok I have a DM open with you there

Mkay, I’ll contact you via discord.

I’m in interested in this kind of topic, I am a animator

Contact me → Zombie#0008 or Roblox StudTemplate - Roblox

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