[CLOSED] Looking For a Programmer! (R$50k)

I am creating a tremendous casual obby with a unique vibrant, modern, simplistic aesthetic and I really need a programmer who will actually do the job. I currently have somewhere in between 500-600 levels, and I make 10-20 new levels each day. Eventually I would like for this to be one of the longest obbies on Roblox. Additionally, I’m extremely passionate, ambitious and have tremendous drive, and I hope you do too.

You will be paid R$50k, and in exchange, you will be programming the user interface of the game (unless you’re able to create the user interface, in which case you’d be paid more on top of the scripting you’d be doing), programming the gamepasses/developer products in the game, a leaderboard system, a checkpoint system, and several other things (not as big as the aforementioned).

DO keep in mind, that I would want this job done no later by late-June (this month) or by early-July.

If you are interested, then please do add me on Discord and we can talk: Arctic Fox

Thank you all, but I have found someone!


If you don’t mind, would you post some of the level details? i.e, difficulty of it, the layout of it, etc. I think it may help gauge a few interested people’s minds and expand what they can do for you.


What @LordMerc said, it would be more useful, and I have some interest in this job. (I know it says I am a builder but I am a good programmer as well, just prefer the builder tag.)


Found someone. Thanks though guys!

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I added you on discord at AQUA#5677

I realize that the pictures could be a lot better, sorry about that!

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Added you on discord; TheFuzi#5015

Added reteach#0022


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