[CLOSED] Looking for a scripter for a railway game


Hi there,
I’m working on a railway game, and just a few weeks before the planned alpha release our scripter left the team due to real life issues.
I am looking for a person willing to replace him and pretty much script the entire game from scratch. This will include, but is not limited to:


This includes making your own consist, choosing the livery, choosing the depot and spawning the train on the track.

Train driving

This includes making a fitting fully functional train GUI, with functions like horns, whistles, and making the trains itself drive.

Credits system

Involves making a route system, awarding credits for routes, setting up the normal and premium currency

You will get a friendly work environment, and your ideas will be considered too. Most of the assets are already done, so you can start right away.

Game pictures

Payment negotiable.
No deadline.

If you are up for this project, or want more details, please contact me on Discord:


Increased % revenue


It is required by the applicant to know both scripting and UI designing?


How do you plan for the trains to function? And how do you plan to earn robux from this project?


Preferably yes, but if two people apply who can each do one of them that would be okay too.


I don’t really know what the best way to make the trains function is, that is entirely up to the scripter.

The game will have 2 kinds of currencies, a normal and a premium currency. The normal currency can be earned by driving and completing routes (still has to be worked out), and the premium currency can only be bought. You can buy trains with both the normal currency and the premium currency. Certain packs of trains can only be bought with premium currency, to increase their rarity.
At the start the game will be paid access.


Okay, as for the trains functionality, what I meant to ask was what is your expectation for how they perform? I don’t need you to explain the technical side of things, just the desired results.


Can you picture a steam engine in front of you?

If not, have this:

The red circled parts should move, so should the wheels. The train should obviously perform kinda realistic, as far as Roblox allows it.

Is this what you meant? Or are you talking about things like GUIs?


Friend Request Sent :slight_smile:


still open, if anyone is curious


This is one amazing game, in fact it’s a masterpiece and i’m hoping @Supersnel11 gets a programmer soon as all the followers of the game are waiting for an update.


Thread updated; just looking for an UI designer now!


Opened again.

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