[CLOSED] Looking for a scripter for Smoothie Simulator

About Us

Hey! I am the Builder / Modeller & UI Designer for my game Smoothie Simulator, a game in which you craft and deliver different flavoured smoothies to NPCs lined up outside your store.
You can level up your store’s Standard & Epic Upgrades, participate in events to unlock pets and other cool rewards, and more!

Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3242974259/PETS-Smoothie-Simulator

After certain circumstances, the scripter for this game had to bail out which leaves SS without a scripter. The game is currently open for players to join, so I’m in great need of a scripter ASAP who will take the previous one’s place.

Development Team
@Lollganz - Director, Modeller/Builder, UI designer.
@Robloxian_Thinking - Previous Scripter.

About The Job

I am seeking an individual who is skilled in Lua and is able to work most days of the week, if not all 7 days; you can work at your own speed as long as the tasks at hand are met before/on the deadline. You must be capable of working with other’s scripts, as that’s what you’ll be doing with the previous programmer’s code.
You’ll start work on the games first update, as that is where the previous programmer left off. I will give you more information regarding what’s needed to be done & what’s required of you once I’ve been contacted.
The goal is to push out weekly updates both big and small. This will take place after Update 1 is published.
Everything is organised on a Trello Board.


Upon joining the team, the game’s revenue will be split equally 3 ways (33% each) between the 3 of us: Me, you, and the previous scripter.
Until the previous scripter has been paid off a substantial amount, we’ll both take a 50/50 split.

Regarding my budget, I currently have 110k+ Robux that will be put towards the game’s sponsors.
I have currently only put 5k Robux into sponsors at the moment (the last sponsor being 5-7 days ago), which was primarily used to test the waters and get an idea of the game’s statistics.
The rest of my funds will be used for sponsors after Update 1 has been published.

Contact Me

You can contact me through:
Discord: lollganz#3299

KEEP IN MIND, you’ll be asked for previous work upon contacting me regarding the position. If you have no previous work to show, you won’t get the position. If you have Roblox games that you’ve developed in the past that you could show off, then your chances of obtaining the position increase significantly! You must be at least 16 years old to apply for this position.

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sent a request. ChickenBagelz#9485

The game is really fun, I suggest going at this job! Very original, this will definitely succeed!

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The position has been fulfilled, thanks everyone for applying! :slightly_smiling_face:

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