(CLOSED) Looking for a Scripter! (PERCENTAGE - 100k - 500k+ R$ WEEKLY)


Hello! I am Noxyra and I recently released my RPG game Weaponcraft into Beta on June 21st. The game did extremely well at first hitting over 1,000 players on the first day in Beta. Unfortunately my Scripter structured the framework incorrectly so we couldn’t add in updates we wanted to do. Everything got pushed back 2-3 weeks and then he just completely left. As a result the game has started “dying” we haven’t put out any ads or anything because a lot needs to be completely redone.

What I need

I am looking for a very dedicated Scripter who is also experienced. You will need to stick around for awhile to add new updates into the game and such. You will also need to be hard-working and committed to making this game succeed. We are trying to have updates out every weekend or every other weekend such as a mounts update or new map. You will need to start by redoing the main framework and then start on our next update which will be adding more cosmetic items, mounts, a new map and mini-bosses (we hope to have this update done in 1 week!). My previous Scripter has left comments on his scripts so you should be able to read his and add to it. Main framework will need to be completely redone so it’s compatible for new updates (such as mounts).


I am offering 25 percent, my last Scripter had 30 percent and made around 600k robux in only around a week when the game isn’t popular yet. I am offering 25 and not 30 since most things are already scripted.

(Not much made so far this month since no ads have been out because my previous Scripter couldn’t complete the update, for June that’s how much we made in around 9 days, not a full month).


Please do not contact if you do not have a portfolio or examples of your code. I am looking for someone who is dedicated and experienced. You may message me on Discord at noxyra#8366 to discuss this further.



I am interested! Contact me on Discord : ItsChoco#0902

Can I get a game link, Anyways Im interested (ice#8889)

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Just to clarify, will the scripter have to recode the game and then work on updates for the future?

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