[CLOSED] Looking for a scripter to program a custom toolbar UI

About Us

Hello, I’m Sam. I currently own and operate a ‘Survivor’ group. Our community is relatively small in comparison to massive development communities, but we have a lot of people joining our group who play the popular Survivor game on Roblox.

About The Job

I’m looking for someone who has experience with scripting UI. I have a custom toolbar made, and it will replace the default Roblox inventory toolbar. The images below show the UI (each feature will be uploaded separately in decal form), and my very rough drawing of how the toolbar should look.


As the player obtains more tools, the toolbar should slightly shrink in size to fit up to 10 tools on the screen.

I’m hoping that this job could be completed as soon as possible.


I am paying 10,000 Robux for this job.

Contact Us

You can contact me through the developer forum, but I’d prefer if you sent me a friend request on discord: just sam#5020.

Thank you!

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Does this need to be controller and mobile friendly? Or is is just for desktop?

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