[CLOSED] Looking for a Skilled Low Poly - Mid Poly Builder

Hello! I am looking for a Roblox developer that can build Low Poly - Mid Poly. I am making a Roblox Tycoon and I am not the best with building. I do Lua programming so it would be helpful to have another developer to help me with building. I will pay 2000+ robux when the game is finished incase it fails and I will payout %50 of all funds. I have already made the terrain which you can see in the pictures below. I would prefer if you go by EST or PST time. You would only need to work a few hours a day, a few days a week.

Contact me!

  • Discord: NaranjoScenes#8570
  • DevForum: @naranjoscenes
  • Tiwtter: @majesticanthon1

I could do it, contact me on devforum

Hello, sent you a friend request on discord. My user is: Vy#5404

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