[CLOSED] Looking for a Sound Effects Designer!

I recently hired a scripter to help me make an advanced sword, but I realized that it would be greatly enhanced if it had some sound effects. I am now hiring someone to make 3 unique sound effects for my weapon.
More Info
2 of these sounds are going to be slightly different swishing sounds. (Played when the player swings the sword.) The last sound is going to be the sound that is played when the player connects a hit with their sword. This sound shouldn’t be bloody or graphic. Instead, it should be creative and more on the cartoonish side. These sound effects are going to be exactly 1 second long.
I am willing to pay 100-200 R$ for each sound effect you make. (As already stated, each are only 1 second long MAX) The 2 swinging sounds should be similar to each other but not exactly the same- players have to be able to tell the difference.
Contact me by replying to this or by DMing me through Discord! @flarezhu21#1532

Thanks you reading!

I’ve reopened this to anyone interested as the sound effects designer I hired had to cancel on me.

Yes I am a sound designer I added you.

I would totally recommend @Operatik! He is an amazing sound designer! Here is just one of many examples of his amazing work:

Again, I totally recommend him!

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